Micro Events: What to consider

micro eventsThe new emerging trend of micro events is obviously increasing in demand with the globally imposed restrictions that have impacted events all over the world. The changes in our event industry have now become what we must consider when putting our event plans into action.

What exactly is a Micro-Event? A micro event is an event that hosts a relatively small number of guests in person (less than 50). They are an easy go-to for smaller budget events. For some this is easy to do, for others, not so much. After going through a global pandemic that limited the number of persons we could have at events, it has shown us how we can actually do it, or just remind us how much we desire to have people a part of these celebrations with us.

As of 2020, they have grown in popularity to contain a hybrid of virtual and on-site event management. This means that for one, the possibilities are endless, but, the responsibilities have proven to be just about the same as the larger executions and perhaps require you to be that much more meticulous to ensure the smooth running of the event (especially where there is a virtual component)

Some people hear the word “micro” and immediately assume, scaled down or less than. In actuality, there are still many key areas that we believe should be considered in executing these smaller versions of your events.

Here’s our list:



micro events
Living room transformed for a baby baptism

One thing we love about these micro events is the ability to be a bit extra with your decor, to pay a bit more attention to details and and aspects that might have been on a “nice to have” list if you were hosting more guests. Take time to ensure that the focal point of your event (the ceremony area for a wedding, the tables for your reception, the stage area for your conference/seminar presentations/product launch) is styled and help provide the “wow” factor. For social events, create that ambience for your in person guests the same way you would have for a larger event.

Your chosen venue would still require some design and decor. After all it’s the area your guests will be either spending their time physically or seeing virtually. You want to ensure it makes them feel that they are at a special event and decor speaks volumes. So don’t be afraid to transform that backyard, living room or rented ballroom. Your chosen venue will require some form of set-up or preparation for the event.

Consider having a design in mind so that the only other element to impact your selection is budget.


Considering a sound/audio system goes without saying. After decor, music definitely helps to set the mood and tone of your event. If it’s a micro wedding, you will need to have music to walk down the aisle too, background for your signing and cake cutting and if hosting a reception, as general entertainment for your guests. If you’re doing videography, microphones will be needed for the best audio quality for your recording and having them mixed through a system will be the preferred option.

If you’re adding a streaming element of your event, the audio then becomes even more important than your visuals. Having a sound/audio system allows you to provide the best quality to your stream. Think about it, if you lose visual of the event but can still hear you can still follow what’s happening.

So, for us, audio/sound is on your micro event budget.


Photographer 24 Frames Productions capturing the moments.

Photography? Yes, Photography! While of course, the latest smartphone may rival a professional camera, it’s truly the person behind it. Considering costs for a photographer ensures that you are still able to (professionally) capture all moments in a way that tells the story of your event – digitally. Do it for the memories, do it for the archives. It’s the only “tangible” evidence you will have of hosting the event.

This one’s short – hire a photographer!


Micro means you are hosting a small number of guests. Do you wish for others to join you virtually? We shared in our first two points considerations to be given in those areas if you do decide to stream.

How many people do you wish to stream to? And for how long or for which areas of your programme? Sharing this information with the prospective vendor will help determine what platform to use and give you accurate cost of the service.

For some, this option may be non-negotiable as you may have family or friends that you really want to join. In doing so, consider how you can get them involved in the event (chat, join by video). We share more on this in our blog Tips for Couples and Guests for a Virtual Wedding (you can replace ‘wedding’ with any other social event you may be hosting)



micro eventYour guests still need/should be fed. One good thing of this entry of the list, is that it’s an area that loosens up your budget. (Especially if you’re thinking to re-invest in cool virtual elements, meet us in our inbox or DMs to tell you those). Catering can now be lighter as even as persons may engage in an on-site micro event the length of time being spent may be less. It means that you may be able to have lighter buffet-style catering or, by all means splurge on that three or five course meal as you now have less mouths involved. Our point here is that, people still need/should be fed. So, consult with your caterer on what’s the best option for catering based on the style and length of your event. (P.S. don’t forget to include your onsite vendors in your count).


As we’ve gone through the list, it’s clear that there is still a lot of work to pull things together. Even if you are able to handle the planning of it, you want to be able to allow to focus on enjoying the event and not be bogged down with getting things done. So the last thing on the list is to consider a coordinator. As we’ve said before, managing the moving parts can really take away from having the full experience. (To most of our clients and vendors it’s a non negotiable as it really helps everyone to focus on their area when someone else is managing it all).

Whatever the type of event, for you to be seeking more knowledge of micro-events, it means that you’re invested in hosting the event.. Consider a coordinator with experience in micro and virtual events to ensure that all of your options for your micro event are considered.

Considering having a micro-event will help you to treat your guests to a more personalized and possibly more elaborate (if your heart so desires) experience because you may end up having a bigger budget to accommodate each person and spend on things you really wanted. Either way, it’s a great option to mark that special occasion and with our list above, can give you the feeling a larger event would have (or even better)

We love micro events; so if you’re considering for your wedding, birthday, team, company, click the button below to send us a message and let’s chat on the best way to do it for you!

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