10 Sites for Photography in Trinidad

So it’s time to decide on where you will take those memorable photos; those photos that will capture the essence of your love. But the burning question is “WHERE IS THE BEST PLACE???”.

There are so many suggestions floating around, but which one is right for you? There may be somewhere significant to you, that won’t mean anything to someone. This doesn’t make it less of an ideal place to capture your moments, it’s special to you! *Think about that*

To give you some more ideas, we asked our friend Adrian Best, of Adrian Best Studios, highly recommended photographer/ videographer, to share some of his top recommendations:

  1. Bamboo Cathedral: Aptly named for the shape the bamboo shoots make as they criss cross the picturesque walk path off Tucker Valley Road in Chaguaramas. Quite a breathtaking and serene location you will be sure to fall in love with the images captured.

  2. Fort George: This beautiful location has always remained ranked as one of the must see places in Trinidad & Tobago, overlooking the city of Port of Spain you are guaranteed to love this location. There is the mixture of lush greenery and historical artifacts and the ability to have the city landscape as your personal backdrop.

  3. Palmiste Park: Located in the outskirts of the City of San Fernando lies the beautiful Palmiste Park, paved walkways, lush greenery, tall towering trees and the famous pond, all of which make for great images, once you have tried it, trust me you’ll be back!  

  4. San Fernando Hill: One of the most popular sites in San Fernando, this natural landmark is guaranteed to take your breath away. There are numerous locations that are ideal for photography even before you reach the top…but when you do the possibilities are endless.

5. Wild Flower Park: With the hustle and bustle of city life, this gem of a location may go unnoticed, however after you have admired the Magnificent 7 around the Queens Park Savannah, and cresting to enter into Maraval through Elerslie there is a park of trees on your left that are just divine, and when the poui is in bloom the images can be nothing less than enchanting.

6. Millennium Golf Course: Unlike the previous suggestions, this location has a price tag for use. Millennium Golf Course is a very popular spot in East Trinidad where you can enjoy the luxurious surroundings and capture inspiring images, don’t forget to tip your caddie!! Contact: 640-8337 / 640-9797

7. The Whole You Oasis: This private location is in the environs of Arima, the serenity and beauty of this location guarantees you the best look for our images. Contact: 271-5020 / 766-2148.

8. The Pines Knullebu: Quite a drive through some wonderful scenery but this pristine location is worth it all. A beautiful hand crafted wooden cabin sits within half an acre of flat land surrounded by?…you guessed it…pine trees. Contact: 686-0879

9. Tropical Spaces Estate: Located in the Town of Arima, this wonderful location awards you the ability to have your photo shoot session look its very best; ranch style! Contact: 391-6991

10. Sandy Hill Nature Park & Terrace:  What can be better than having your photo shoot session at one of the most luxurious locations in Trinidad & Tobago, in the midst of Caribbean Pine, cashew, pink poui, cedar, cassia, black olive, mahogany the natural habitat of hawks, parrots, caracaras, orioles and woodpeckers?? Horses!!!…yes they have horses and you can now picture yourself on one…or next to one at least. Contact: 680-4757

Ok we know we said 10, but this one needs to be added because it’s a TCJ favourite:

North Deck: A beautiful venue nested in the north coast over 7500 sq ft of serenity and beauty. Lush landscapes, the ocean as your backdrop and an ambience that is second to none. This location will fit any need. Contact: 491-3323

Bonus Tip for brides: When selecting your photo shoot location for your wedding day, it’s important to take into consideration a few things; distance from venue, transportation requirements, especially when it involves the bridal party or more guests, and accessibility! 

*Phew* A load of great suggestions and tips that we are happy to share with you.  We help you with these decisions like these in ALL our coordination packages. Review them here, and let’s chat!

UPDATE: There’s a part 2 to this! Yes, the greatness continues… click here for 14 more options including sweet sweet Tobago!


A special thank you to Adrian Best of Adrian Best Photography for being a contributor on this blog.

Want to get in touch with Adrian? Find him at:
Tel: (868) 366-6211/398-1484
Website: http://ampcpro.wix.com/abstudios
Facebook: www.facebook.com/AMPC.SOF

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