At the time of writing this, the main reason for postponing your wedding right now will be due to a worldwide pandemic. The reality is, people often have to postpone their weddings for different reasons. Whatever the reason, having to will not be easy – emotionally or financially. The circumstances around the postponement will vary but here are three ways to cope:

1. Stay Calm.

Sounds like an oxymoron, but hear us out. Vent in the initial stages, cry if you need to, but then take a deep breath and try to be calm. You now need to make some decisions which will require you to be as level headed and balanced as possible.  Add another session to your couple’s counselling if you need to. Couples’ Therapist Dr. Crystal Benjamin of Enriched Life Ltd also suggests considering journalling how you feel; make a list of the things you’re grateful for in spite of what is going on. The key is try to find balance as soon as you possibly can so you can now, together with your fiancé make the decisions you need to. Remember that you are in this together!

postponing your wedding

2. Consider doing the civil ceremony on the date you initially planned to get married.

“But we really wanted this date!”
”We worked so hard to get this date. We waited so long for it!”
”Now our anniversary won’t be on the date we want it to be”

It actually still can be! You can consider doing the legal part and have everything done after. A lot of couples who do destination weddings actually legally marry in their home country, and then travel to do the “dream wedding”. No, it won’t take away the feeling on the day, nothing beats that…we promise! This way you can continue to do what you may have been waiting to do once you’re married – like apply for a mortgage together or even move into your own home. Once you have rescheduled your “celebration date”, you can either skip the signing or maybe do a ceremonial signing and also celebrate this date in your years to come. (Hey, there’s no limit to how many days you can celebrate your love!)

3. Have conversations with your vendors as to the best way to rebook a date with them.

The most difficult part of this process but depending on the circumstances around your postponement, your contracts will have to guide what happens. Does it allow for a change of date at no extra cost or is there a change fee? Was it a situation that falls under the force majeure clause of your contract? This one will vary with each vendor but the key to this is to be transparent with your situation so they can guide you in the best possible way.

postponing your wedding

BONUS: if you have a wedding planner/coordinator, you just need to focus on number one above. A planner will help you manoeuvre the waters with vendors to seek the possible outcome for you. If you don’t have a planner/coordinator, consider doing a consultation with one so you can get some professional advice on how to proceed. The investment will be worth the peace of mind in knowing how to approach the vendors.

So what do you do, once plans are in train again? Here’s some advice from one of our brides who stood in your shoes:

Continue dating your fiancé.

If you were going to move into your own home, focus your energies on getting that ready.

Finalize those wedding details that you might have been rushing to finish or unable to do.

Spend quality time with your fiancé!

We love the first one in particular. You’re in this together and it will be one of many other situations you will have to get through..together!

We hope this helps you to exhale a bit. If you will like to schedule a consultation with us to address plans now that you have to postpone, click here to contact us and we will be more than happy to help!

If you will also like to contact Dr. Crystal Benjamin reach out to her at www.enrichedlifeltd.com

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