Affordable and Simple Ideas for Mid-Year Team Building

As we reach the midpoint of the year, it’s the perfect time for companies to organize team fun days / team building or refresher days. These events provide a much-needed break for your staff.  They also foster team spirit, boost morale, and improve overall productivity. If you haven’t planned any staff activities yet, don’t worry!

Here are some budget-friendly options your company can consider for a staff mid-year refresher / team-building.

July August Vacation (JAVA) Burnout:

Can we normalize burnouts outside of the Carnival Season? Organizing an after-work aerobics or Zumba workout is a good way to promote employee health and well-being. Consider implementing a JAVA weekly program to help employees stay fit and it will also serve as a great stress reliever after a long day at the office. By participating in group workouts, employees can also foster stronger relationships with their colleagues, creating a more cohesive and motivated team. 

Consider inviting complementary third-party service providers and brands each week to conduct health and wellness checks and sampling sessions of healthy snacks, drinks, and food. Alternate each week.

Games Day/Evening:

Set up a variety of games such as board games, table tennis, card games such as all fours, or even video games in the office. Friendly competitions encourage teamwork, strategic thinking, and a fun atmosphere. Rentals are available, however, a one-off investment in games means that they can be easily stored and reused at any time, at short notice when team building is needed. 

Motivational Speaker:

Invite a motivational speaker to give an inspiring talk to your team. Choose a speaker who can address relevant topics like stress management, personal development, or industry trends relevant to your space. Alternatively, a session that can upskill your team to assist them in their deliverables will also go a long way. 

Sip and Paint:

Host a sip and paint where employees can enjoy a glass of wine or a non-alcoholic beverage while painting. This can be done in-person or virtually, and encourages creativity, and relaxation, and offers a unique bonding experience. 

Local Delicacy Treats Pop-Up:

Arrange for local vendors to pop up at your office, offering popular Trini delicacies like doubles, pholourie or bake & shark. Whether it’s in conjunction with other activities or a Friday treat, this is a nice and budget-friendly option to give employees a delicious treat while also supporting local businesses. 


It’s Not Too Late!

If you haven’t planned a mid-year refresher/team builder yet, it’s not too late! Organizing these activities doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. 

Investing in your employees’ well-being and happiness can have a significant impact on your business’s success. 

If you need help putting together the perfect mid-year refresher/team building for your staff, book a consultation with us. Let’s discuss how we can make your next staff event fun, engaging, and memorable.

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