Event Vendor Contracts

vendor contracts

…but that’s not what we agreed to!”

Sounds familiar?

The word ‘contract’ scares the average person but some of us only understand its value when there is an issue and by then it may be too late. When you are confirming services with vendors for your event, it is important to have all the terms and conditions clearly stated in writing and agreed to by both parties. This is in its simplest form is your vendor contract.

The main things that should be covered are:

– Date good/service is to be delivered
– A description of the goods/service (scope of works) 
– Total amount to be paid and the required payment terms
– Cancellation policy

How can you do this? Three options for vendor contracts:

1. Written agreement/contract

Depending on the value of the agreement or the extent of the details involved, a formal contract will be best to have the terms clearly laid out for review and agreement by both parties. If your vendor does not have a contract template, there are a lot of templates online that you can download and edit accordingly.

2. Signed quotations detailing services to be provided

Some vendors will have a facility on their quotations for customer signatures.  Once the quotation is detailed i.e. outlines everything that is to be provided, this can also serve as an agreement.  

3. An email detailing the offer and a response from the recipient as acceptance.

At its very simplest form, emails can be used as an agreement.  One party sends an email outlining all the details of the agreement, and the other party confirms receipt and agreement to the terms.

We have heard too many stories of clients not being able to get redress because they had nothing in writing confirming what was agreed to with a vendor.  It then becomes your word against theirs.  

Put it in writing!

We review vendor agreements as part of all of our services. 

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