Virtual Exhibits and Virtual Events

Can exhibitions be done virtually?

The answer is YES!

The first questions for consideration are:

  • What platform is being used?

  • How will the exhibit be done?

  • What opportunities are available to you to engage with attendees?


Virtual exhibitions all boil down to substantial planning and the right platform. Exhibits can work as a standalone event or can form part of another event (eg. a conference).

With the right platform, they can do the same as a face to face event:

  • allow you to display your products and services

  • have one on one conversations (video & audio) with attendees

  • provide brochures & marketing material for download

  • drop/receive your business cards

  • set up meetings with executives

  • encourage a call to action

One major benefit over the face to face version is the availability of real time data and analytics to help measure your ROI.

All with less logistics and no cleanup!

Execute a successful virtual exhibition using these super helpful tips:

  1. Plan your exhibition – decide on your goals and expectations from this event and the attendee experience you want to provide.

  2. Understand your platform (and its features) – There are many virtual event platforms with various features designed to meet your needs. Research which platform is best suited to execute the exhibition you envision. If exhibiting at an event, ask the organisers for a demo of what the virtual exhibit/booth will look like and how it will work.

  3. Create your branded images, photos, product descriptions and all the digital media necessary to display in your virtual exhibition. Think about what will draw attendees to your exhibit.

  4. Decide on your call to action based on your goals of the exhibit.

You’ve got the info! Happy exhibiting….and if you need a little extra backup click on the button below to reach out to us for assistance. We will be happy to help you successful exhibit at an upcoming event or plan an exhibition of your own.

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Download our Corporate Brochure for a list of all the ways we can help you achieve your objectives!