How it Started

The Beginning

The creation of TCJ as a brand has been a journey; an emotional, physical, mental and spiritual journey!

It is often said, “Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life.” There should be an amendment to this age old saying. I have found that it is totally possible to do what you love and it still feel like “work‟.

On paper I was working my “dream‟ job. To many, I had a well sought after job, great pay and decent benefits. It was a blessing to land such a job almost immediately after completing my Masters in International Event Management at the University of Surrey, UK.  It was an accomplishment and an opportunity that I did not take for granted. I was grateful.

As we grow and develop, the things that once held great appeal are somehow no longer enough to stimulate the excitement or the energy needed to get us through.  The “great pay and decent benefits" were no longer appealing to me with each passing day. Efforts to make changes were unsuccessful and I did try. The result? After five years - I’d had enough! Going to work was and had become a drag and a mental game with myself.

Previous motivating statements had now lost their power!

“Think about the good things.”
“You have a great team.”
“You play a huge role in your department.”
“You are great at what you do.”

I needed to be honest with myself and that truth was, I was no longer happy with my job. It reflected in my attitude and daily mood and I was not liking it or the person I was becoming. I was stressed! I wanted more - for myself and my life!

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A Turning Point

The Revelation

Staying home from work was never an option, but on this fateful Tuesday morning I did just that. I decided to spend the day at the beach with some friends than go to work. The conversations that day I believe were sent by God. It stirred a fire within me. A fire that existed all along but was slowly being diminished was reignited- and it burned brighter than before.

There is something about being around and talking to likeminded people that centers you and provides extreme clarity. They remind you of the right things at the right time and in the right way. Plus, the beach has always been a grounding source to me so I guess what happened that day was inevitable.

Two days later - I resigned from my job!

It wasn’t planned although upon reflection I realized that it was something in the latter half of my tenure I was giving serious thought. The questions then came:

  • Are you sure you want to leave? Yes

  • Do you know what your next steps are? No, but I’ll figure it out.

  • Are you worried? No - I’ve been praying about this.

  • Aren’t you scared? Most Definitely! (I’ve literally jumped and was not sure of where my feet were going to land. It was definitely a scary experience!)

I had chosen Me and that was a sobering but simultaneously comforting fact. I knew that I needed to explore a path that would make me happy. Above all - I needed to give me – a chance!

Here We Go

The Leap of Faith

I prayed. I cried. I closed my eyes and I jumped!

Now was the time to figure this out. My circle was awesome and very encouraging. After a while though, you learn to realise and accept that those closest to you will no longer understand the path you are about to take. The faces in your support circle change somewhat. Unfamiliar faces become your biggest cheerleaders and your Tribe! You learn to be comfortable with being by yourself, not that I had issues with this before, but there’s a level of isolation that comes with starting your own business.

Yes, I decided to start my own business. I decided to still do what I love, but this time in my way, for me.

Being an entrepreneur is by no means a walk in the park. It tests every part of your being. Your mind! Your body! Your Spirit! The personal growth you experience though is absolutely #priceless. The question I’ve been asked most frequently is if I have any regrets. My response is categorically: no!

Knowing my faith is bigger than my fear and believing that God will continue to blow my mind with what He is doing in my life, is all the encouragement needed. I speak it and affirm it!

In retrospect, my career path has prepared me for where I am now. My time in Corporate Events & Marketing contributes to the service I now give my clients and my background in hospitality and tourism helps me with the second arm of my business - travel. I have walked the walk and have honed my skills to be able to confidently offer the services of TCJ Events and TCJ Travel.

My clients have trusted me with their visions and I haven’t disappointed. I love my clients and I look forward to maintaining and forging new relationships as I continue to build and grow my brand.

Each time I share the journey to TCJ the brand, I share a bit more. It is my hope that my story can help someone else realize theirs. Maybe, an update is due soon. For now, this is me, Tisha and this is how we got here.

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