5 Wedding Fears and how to beat them

5 Wedding Fears and how to beat them

wedding fears
What could go wrong at your wedding?

After months of hard work planning your Big Day, you can feel downright frustrated when things don’t go as planned. It can sometimes feel like your bride-to-be’s wedding fears are coming true. We’re here to tell you that sometimes things come up unexpectedly. Do not fear, follow our advice below on how to stop your wedding fears from becoming a reality. 

Wedding FEAR #1 Bad Weather

Rain on your wedding day may cause some to panic especially if the wedding venue is outdoors. Sad to say, the weather can’t be controlled or accurately predicted. The best way to decrease stress caused by this wedding fear is by being prepared. Always have a backup plan for wind or rain and anything else Mother Nature may decide to throw at you. Your plan B can be checking that your venue has an indoor/covered area for you to hold your ceremony, have a tent set up just in case, and have some umbrellas available.

FEAR #2 Bad Photos

Wedding photos are one of the crucial elements of your wedding as they will document this once-in-a-lifetime event.  Whether you’re anxious about bad lighting or missed moments, it’s important for you to communicate openly with the photographers about your expectation and must-take photos. Also, your photographer is the expert and can best advise on how to achieve your vision. Bonus tip to help with this wedding fear – prepare a shot list and share with your photographer i.e. a list of all the pictures you want taken especially during your photo shoot.

Wedding FEAR #3 Misbehaving Guests

Whether it’s a loud uncle, tantrum-throwing child, or drunken friend, it’s important to note that you can’t fully control the behaviour of your guests. Don’t let a disruptive guest throw off this big day, assign a few inner-circle friends/family to handle damage control for out-of-control persons. 

FEAR #4 Not Pleasing Everyone

Satisfying all your guests is nearly impossible, someone may complain about the type of music, wedding cake flavour and even wedding décor. Embrace the fact that you can’t please everyone, and focus on making this important day for your partner. This wedding fear is best handled by focusing on you and your partner, don’t let someone else’s opinion spoil one of life’s special days. 

FEAR #5 Wedding Delays and Timeline Issues

On your wedding day, it can feel like a perfect storm as everything finally comes together. Brides can get overwhelmed with late vendors, unconfirmed guests, catering, etc. At TCJ Events, oour tip #1 is for you to prepare a timeline and share with everyone but keep a positive mindset by embracing the change that may be required on the day.

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