Top things to consider when choosing a wedding date

a wedding date

Congratulations! You’re engaged and everyone wants to know when’s the wedding. Setting your date is one of the foundational aspects of the wedding planning process and can affect factors such as your venue, vendor bookings, invitations and other factors. So how do you actually go about picking a wedding date? We’re here to tell you the top things to consider when choosing the best day for your big day.


In terms of seasons, you have to factor in the weather but also on/off-season wedding seasons. April-July is the peak period for weddings which could mean prices are typically higher for venues and vendors. On the other hand, prices in the off-season are usually a bit lower due to lower demand and higher availability. 

Venue Availability 

If there’s a venue where you’ve always dreamed of marrying, you need to reach out asap to find out their available dates. Highly sought-after venues can often have waiting lists of +1 year, this can be a critical factor in choosing your wedding date. So before you set your date, make sure your venue is available. If you’re open to any venue, you can choose a date first and then begin the search for your venue. 

Sentimental Dates

Imagine setting the date on the day you first met your fiancé or went on your first date together! Brainstorm with your partner to list significant days throughout your relationship journey because your wedding date isn’t only for your wedding but will remain special as your annual wedding anniversary. 

Public Holidays

Make sure and go over your calendar to see if there are any national holidays or holiday weekends scheduled around the same time as your tentative wedding date. Many of your guests may already have family or religious obligations on these types of holidays and may not be able to attend. Therefore, try to think about dates when more of your guests would be available and check out for holidays that fall on a Sunday which automatically makes Monday a public holiday as well. 

Length of Engagement 

If you’re eager to be married, why wait? Choosing a date as close as possible sounds exciting for a newly engaged couple but would you have enough time to plan your special day? Engagements typically last at least a year to give couples enough time to plan and make the entire process a less stressful experience. Also, you’ll have more time to invite your nearest and dearest as your wedding guests. There are indeed advantages to each, and choosing your wedding date does have an impact on your planning timeline. Take the time and discuss with your partner the right wedding date for both of you. 


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