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This area of the planning can be touchy. 

For some, choosing your bridal party can be just as difficult as choosing your wedding dress, but don’t let this be a bigger challenge than it needs to be. There are no set rules that dictate how many bridesmaids/ groomsmen that you can have, remember, it’s YOUR wedding.  


How do I choose my bridal party?
Here are persons you can consider:
1. Your siblings
2. Your best friend(s)
3. Anyone who will be at your side during the planning the process (after all that’s their main purpose – to help!)

How do I choose how many?
There is no fixed number on this as well, but you might want to consider these cost implications that will be affected by the size depending on the answer:

1. Who is paying for the dresses/ suits?
2. Is everyone getting ready in a hotel? How many rooms will you need to book?
3. Are the bride/groom covering hair and makeup?
4. Will the bridal party be transported in one vehicle on the wedding day?

(Keep in mind, the bigger the bridal party, the more logistics/coordination is needed on the wedding day especially during the photo session)

What will they wear?
Next you have to decide on what you want your bridal party to wear and how they are to be styled. This is where you choose whether to make all the decisions or to come to compromises with your bridal party. Yes, it’s your big day, but is it worth falling out with your family/ friend over? Talk with your group, let them know what you would like, and see what feedback they have (especially if they’re paying for it themselves).
There are no set rules as to whether the best man and maid/ matron of honour have to wear something different in order to stand out from the rest of the group. You may decide to have them wear a different shade of dress/ colour tie. Even the bouquet or hairstyle could be different for the maid/matron of honour.

P.S. When selecting your colours, just think about how the photos will look. Feel free to ask your photographer or decorator about colour choices.

What will it cost them?
Or will it cost them? Are they going to pay for everything themselves or will you be covering the costs (or part of it – dress/suits, flowers, shoes, accessories etc).  Whatever decision is made, let them know soonest and possibly decide together with them so that they have enough time to organise their finances.  Be prepared that there may be a situation where someone may not be able to cover the entire cost. It’s at that point that you may need to discuss how you will treat with this.

What role will they play?
So, you have all of your bridal party confirmed, including flowergirl(s), ring bearer/ paige boy. Now it’s to decide what roles your bridal party will play within your wedding, apart from preceding you down the aisle. Depending on the size and budget of your wedding, you may need your bridal party to take on roles such as assisting you with handing out tokens at the reception or ensuring your special items (cake cutter, glasses) are secured after the wedding. Helping you prepare invitations or tokens, run errands or even follow up with vendors etc

It’s time to walk down the aisle!

What do you want your procession to look like? Bridesmaids walk with groomsmen or solo whilst the groomsmen stand with the groom?

You are pronounced as husband and wife (YAY!!).  It’s time for your official photos. How creative are you going to be with your bridal party? Think about it and talk with your entourage and photographer in advance to help you get through the pictures quickly. Pinterest has inso pics on these too!

Finally, it’s time for the reception. Fun fact: How your bridal party enters sets the energy level in the room. If they are hype and having a blast, we promise you your guest will feed off of that energy. This is their time to show their personalities. Recent times have seen bridal parties performing a dance for the newlyweds and guests. Is this something that you want? They don’t have to look like an episode of Dancing with the Stars, but consider having some fun on the dance floor with them! Remember they help you bring the vibe to your reception.

You have chosen each member of your bridal party because you want each of them to play a special part in your wedding. Make decisions together (within reason.. it’s your day after all) and most of all, have fun with them! 

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