3 ways to get the event photos you want!

The day of your event has arrived and you have the best photographer, ready to take those memorable shots! Are you completely sure that your vision will be captured? Why leave it to chance?

Here are 3 ways to ensure you get the photos you want:

1. Plan Shots in Advance
If your photos involve people, don’t assume that they have your sense of creativity or even know what it is you are trying to achieve. You may have to do a little research yourself, that way time is not wasted trying to come up with creative shots on the spot.
If, for example, you are able to send your bridal party pictures of what you want to achieve, at least on the day they won’t be in the dark when you say, “Ok, let’s do the shot with the picture frame”. 

2. Using Your Surroundings
When you do the site visit for your event, take the opportunity to identify areas that photos could be taken. You may find that you have to set something up separately. Maybe your decorator could design a space to incorporate your vision.
The day of the event is not the time to come to that realisation!

event photos

3. Consider Using Props
Now, recent times have shown us that additional features in a photo can add a great deal more! The key is not to go over the top or have too many with props. Nothing beats natural beauty! Plan beforehand what props you are going to use. Will they keep in line with your overall theme/ character of the persons being celebrated? They don’t have to be over complicated. Something as simple as sunglasses, fans, or sign boards. Just make sure that they work for you!

At the end of your planning, it wouldn’t hurt to run your ideas by your photographer about what you want to achieve. Sharing your shot list with them always helps and they more than likely will have a few ideas or suggestions.

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