What’s the difference between an Event/Wedding Planner and Coordinator?

Is there a difference between an event/wedding planner and coordinator?

The terms are used pretty much interchangeably by most people but yes, there’s a difference. 😉

With an event/wedding coordinator, you generally handle all the planning, booking and scheduling necessary especially, finding and booking your vendors. Referrals may come, but you’re the one actually reaching out to get quotations, confirm bookings, putting together all the details of the event. The coordinator then taken takes over (ideally a few weeks before the event) and ensures that booking, confirmations, and timelines are all in order for your event day.

A coordinator is very logistics focused. They act as a point person in the lead up to and on the day and manage the flow of your event day.

If you can’t dedicate all the time and effort needed to plan your event/wedding on your own or just want to enjoy the experience and will readily trust someone with bringing your vision to life, an event/wedding planner is what you should consider. Whilst you will provide input at different intervals, essentially, they do all the work necessary to plan, and then coordinate your event on the day. You basically just show up (and look good!) 😁

How to decide? Ask yourself these questions:
1️⃣ How much time can I realistically dedicate to planning my event/wedding?
2️⃣ Do I have the skills or necessary resources to plan on my own?
3️⃣ Can I dedicate a portion of my budget to invest in one? .

So which one do you need – a planner or coordinator?

We love talking this through with you to help you decide which you need. Click the button below to schedule your free booking consultation and we will be happy to help you decide.

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