How much does (wedding) decor cost?

How much does (wedding) decor cost?

You’ve been pinning and screenshoting (is that even a word?). The fun is over and it’s time to see how much does wedding decor cost (because you have no idea) and how much does a wedding decorator cost (because you’re not doing this yourself).

How to Workout Your Decor Cost | TCJ Events | Trinidad And Tobago | Caribbean Weddings

Wedding/event decor costs are definitely one of the biggest factors to your event budget so we broke down how to get this process started in 3 steps:


Know what you want!
What’s your vision for the day? How do you want the space to look?  You want your wedding/event decor to make you feel like you’re in *insert your inspo here*

Is the decor going to be based on a specific theme or just based on a colour combination or some of your favourite things? Narrow down your pictures of inspiration – table setting, backdrop, centerpieces etc.


Know your guest count!

This is going to be the driving factor behind all your costs because it determines the quantity of what is needed.  

Each table, chair, centrepiece in your decor is a cost.

Bonus info: Your guest count will also guide the venue you select. More guests, means a bigger venue, which will more than likely require more decor.  Determine if your venue comes with what you need (tables, chairs, lighting etc) or if additional rentals will be needed.  



Have an idea of how much you can spend on wedding/event decor! It’s rare when budget is not an issue,  so you more than likely will have a figure in mind that you will like to/able to spend.

Decor can be 15-20% of your entire budget (depending on how important decor is to you).  

Because you now know what want for your wedding/event decor, your guest count and where your event is being held, you can comfortably request decor quotations from decorators.

In another blog we shared: How to select the best vendors for your event/wedding but

Here are some tips to find out how much decor/ a decorator will cost:

✨1. Decide on your must haves, the clearer you can be on what you want the better

✨2. Provide the vendor with your inspiration pics but also tell them what you like in/about the pic.

✨3. Share your budget (it gives them a starting point to design) and they can tell you right away if it can work or not based on your wishlist.

✨4. Allow them to do what they do based on what you asked for.

✨5. Make a decision and work out the finer details with the vendor you really want (they will be willing to work with you – and if they can’t they will let you know 🙃).

Bonus tip: have a convo with them if you can during the selecting process. The unspoken word sometimes helps with decision making – get a feel of their energy and ‘vibe’.

Designing and preparing quotes take time. Most decorators/designers are not cookie cutter and will put effort into sending off the quote. Be patient with the process and most importantly be fair; so don’t have them doing 10 changes then you decide to go with someone else 🤦🏽‍♀️. (And if you do decide to go with someone else, extend the courtesy and thank them for their time and advise that you went with a different option).

We guide you through these steps and more in our one-on-one planning consultations. If you’re overwhelmed with this whole process and want some professional guidance. Book a two hour session with us and let us remove the stress and add the fun back to it for you!

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