Promoting a virtual event requires just as much planning as goes into the execution of the event.

The work is in vein if there isn’t anyone for your well curated cast of speakers to present to or your sponsors to engage with.

People choose to attend an event if they think they will benefit from it in one way or another, but first they need to know about it.

If you are looking to check the box on achieving your attendee goal with your next virtual event, here are some options to include in your marketing plan:

  1. Create an attention grabbing event landing page. – The best way to let your audience know you have an event coming up is to promote it on your website! Design your landing page with compelling copy about the content of the event and an urgent call to action. This will be the hub for all information about the event and where all parties can come to get updates real time about the event.
  2. Make the most from email marketing.- Time to send out an email blast to your customers and let them know what’s coming. These are your low hanging fruit and an easy way to sell your event to those who know your work. Let them know what’s happening, how they can attend (purchase tickets / register) and of course where they can get more information about the event (see point 1 above).
  3. Leverage social media across platforms. – Depending on where your potential audience might be, select the platforms you can advertise, after doing the research. This helps you find new leads and create buzz for your event. The content shared should include the “What is this?” “How do I attend”, “What is going to happen at this event”, “Why should I attend”. Stay top of mind in the weeks leading up to your event.
  4. Incentivize social sharing.- “5% off if you share our event to your page”. That’s a small discount to pay in exchange for the visibility you might receive from the friends and followers of your customer. Give value to receive value. P.S. Ensure you do the numbers on this to confirm it works with your budget. You may want to consider a Buy one get one offer instead if the discount affects your revenue target.
  5. Share videos and images on what’s coming.- A small peak into what’s coming encourages FOMO- (Fear of missing out) in customers. Give them a taste so they look forward to the event. Share info on what the experience is about and what differentiates it from other events. Screen fatigue is real and your attendee will need to know what they stand to benefit from. If it’s “not another zoom call” be, sure to say so!

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