Marriage Licence in Trinidad and Tobago – how to apply

Marriage Licence in Trinidad and Tobago – how to apply

Yes, we’re all about ensuring your day goes perfect just as you planned, but we are also about helping you anywhere else that we can to ensure the entire process goes smoothly.  That includes the not-so-fun, legal stuff! 

On the big day, you will have to sign your marriage certificate to confirm your new nuptials, but do you know about the ‘before’ and ‘after’ part of legalizing your marriage???
We’re providing that very important information!

In order to go forward with a marriage, you need a license. Some of you may know this process as ‘posting banns’, which basically means that you are announcing to the public, (and Ministry of Legal Affairs), of your intent to wed.
No matter your religion, all couples intending to wed must post banns.

So now you may be asking yourself ‘ How do I post banns?’. Here is a simple step by step guide;

1. You and your fiancé need to find your nearest District Wardens Office or Registrars General Department building. This is based on the area where you each live.  

2. Walk with a form of national ID (passport, driver’s license, ID card).

3. If any party was previously married, walk with the Decree Absolute.

4. In order to complete the documentation, you will need to have the full names (including middle names), current address, and current occupation, for both persons, as incorrect information could slow down the process!

5. Pay TTD$10

Simple, right??? Now you have to wait…… After seven (7) working days, you can return to ‘take down the banns’, at another cost of TTD$10. At this time, a marriage license will be issued.

Please note that this is only valid for six months, otherwise there is another application you will have to go through. So ensure you post it in time.

For Non Residents

To apply for a special marriage licence both parties must be non-residents of Trinidad and Tobago (i.e. not normally residing in Trinidad and Tobago; and for citizens of Trinidad and Tobago, they must not normally reside in Trinidad and Tobago for at least 3 years).

Documents Required: 
(1) Valid ID of parties, preferably passport. 
(2) Original divorce absolute or death certificate of previous spouse and certified translation thereto, if applicable. 
(3) Proof of entry into Trinidad and Tobago.

Obtain at Registration House at the International Financial Centre, Waterfront, Wrightson Rd, PoS or District Warden’s Office. Cost/Fee: $300.00

You must be in the country 3 days prior to the wedding, not including the day of arrival before you apply for it. (So factor in this time when making your travel plans)
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So you have your license, everything is booked and organised, the big day is here!! You are now signing your certificate (most cases, three copies), your maid of honour and best man have also signed (witnesses), what next???

The officiant will give you a copy and will submit another copy to Registration House of the Ministry of Legal Affairs, which happens within the first week of your marriage. At this point, you can now go to your closest Registration House, pay TTD$25, and receive your electronic marriage certificate!!

Phew!!  That’s a mouthful to take in, but without your electronic marriage certificate, you can’t change your surname to that of your husband.

Whilst you are getting this checked off your list, book a consultation with us to help you check off the fun stuff. We can help you find the best vendors to work with and save the stress of looking around.  Click here to schedule your free 15 minute planning session with us.

Look forward to hearing from you!!

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