So you have popped the question or have had your special guy get on 1 knee and ask you to be his happy ever after. Now, begins the fun part, right? Hunting for the dress and suit, getting the venues, the officiant, caterer, DJ, your guest list and by the time you are done, you just keep seeing Zero’s added onto your bill. It’s usually at this point people consider running away for their wedding.

However, the new trend that has been getting much attention is Micro Weddings.

First off, what is a micro wedding?

Brides Magazine defines a Micro Wedding as “an intimate affair, typically with no more than 50 guests… that still feature(s) time-honoured traditions that make a wedding but on a much smaller scale”.

There are quite few reasons to start thinking about doing the more intimate exchange of vows vs what we have grown accustomed to.

So let’s take a look at some of the things that are the same in Micro Wedding but just scaled-down and we will offer you some tips in planning them.

  1. You still need to be super clear on what you want, as this gives the direction of what needs to be done.

  2. You still need to source and book vendors.

  3. To keep it Micro without ballooning to a full-blown regular wedding, you must manage the budget.

  4. You will still need someone to do on the day coordination.

So now that we know what is the same in Micro Weddings, let me offer you some tips to plan a great Micro Wedding.

Tip 1

Decide on what you will still like to happen despite it being a smaller wedding. The experience you will like to create for you and your guests, from the way the room is set up & decorated to how your food will be served. Will it be a ceremony and small reception after or do you still want the “full works” with dances and speeches.

Tip 2

You need to think about the number of people you want in the venue and if you are going to be streaming your event. This is a great compromise to keep the wedding small but still have interested parties see you tie the knot.

Tip 3

We must come to a decision on the budget. Come up with a number and stick to it. After all, one of the best reasons to do a Micro Wedding is the ability to save money.

Tip 4

When speaking to your vendors, specifically ask them about their offerings for Micro Weddings. Due to its popularity, more vendors are crafting services to cater to those who are looking to keep their event small and intimate.

Tip 5

Book a Wedding Coordinator. On your special day, regardless of whether it is a smaller-scale event, you still don’t want the headache of having to do anything other than show up and enjoy the day with your spouse, family and friends. A Wedding Coordinator usually works on a shorter timeline than a Wedding Planner and their focus is on the logistics and smooth runnings of your special day. They typically start working with you a month before the big day.

Tip 6

Make a decision and stick to it. If we are going Micro, we stick to it. If we set a budget, STICK TO IT. We can work within just about any budget, it just causes your wedding planner to get creative in order to give you the best day possible and that is a challenge we adore here at TCJ.

If you have been on the fence about whether to have a regular size wedding or jump on the Micro Wedding train, we hope this gives you a few reasons to go Micro and some tips to get the most out of it. As always, if you want to speak to a Wedding Planner who thrives on executing for her clients, feel free to contact me and let me work to build you a great Micro Wedding.

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Download our Corporate Brochure for a list of all the ways we can help you achieve your objectives!