My event decor is important but…

“I still need to figure out my decor”
“I have no idea how much it will cost”
“My budget is $x and I want….”

We hear it when we talk to you! 

We love hearing what’s challenging you because it helps us to help you a whole lot better.

We’re here for it!


We did a live video going through it all just for you! 

#ICYMI We’re sharing here with a summary!

We broke it down in 3 steps:


Know what you want!

What’s your vision for the day?

How do you want the space to look?  You want it to make you feel like you’re in….

Is it going to be based on a specific theme or just based on a colour combination?

Look at pictures of inspiration, it helps you to narrow down what resonates with you.


Know your guest count!

This is going to be the driving factor behind all your costs because it determines the quantity of what is needed.  

Each table, chair, centrepiece is a cost.

Bonus info: Your guest count will also guide the venue you select. More guests, means a bigger venue, which will more than likely require more decor.  Determine if your venue comes with what you need (tables, chairs, sound system etc) or if additional rentals will be needed.  


Have an idea of how much you can spend!

Decor can be 15-20% of your entire budget (depending on how important decor is to you). It’s rare when budget is not an issue,  so you more than likely will have a figure in mind that you will like to/able to spend. 

Because you now know what want and know your guest count and where your event is being held, you can comfortably request quotations from vendors.

When contacting them be sure to:

– Be clear on what you want. Attach a few of those Pinterest pictures so they can have an idea of what you have in mind.  

– Advise of where the event is being held and the guest count

– Advise of the budget you’re working with. They will then let you know what is possible with your budget. 

If budget is not an issue, Hooray! Send them your wishlist requesting a cost for it.

The little details you wish to add will contribute to your costs, so keep it in mind.

Follow these 3 steps and we promise you, it will help to make this decision a little less stressful.  

Still need help to trash out some ideas, figure out what you need and want to do, a costing to include in your budget. Not sure how to work out this “crazy idea” you have for your decor? We love those conversations.  Send us a message here let’s book a time to talk! 

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Download our Corporate Brochure for a list of all the ways we can help you achieve your objectives!