5 Mistakes brides (and couples) make in planning their wedding.

One thing we love about what we do is getting to connect with different people.  It never gets dull because everyone is different and has their unique personalities. 

In the midst of our client conversations with our wedding clients, we have noticed a trend with some things that they experience, doesn’t matter the style, date, size or budget for the wedding. 

Here are 5 common mistakes we see brides (and couples) make during their planning – in particular order:

1. Sacrificing what you want to make other people happy
1b. Allowing too many people to have an opinion

We know the opinions can be overwhelming! Everyone is excited; but – Tune them out! (It can get tricky if it’s coming from the ones helping to pay for the wedding, but an open and honest conversation at the beginning of the process to address things like this usually helps. Discuss how the decision making will go, that you appreciate the support but will like to ensure you don’t lose too much of “you” in the final outcome. 

Please don’t make the mistake of sacrificing (too much of) what will make you both happy. Pinky promise that you will have regrets after. 

Your day should leave you with nothing but awesome memories.

It’s your day and your memory, to take you into your future – and it should be fun and magically you!

2. Choosing people in your bridal party because you think they owe it to them

Just because you walked in Candice’s wedding, doesn’t mean she has to walk in yours to “return the favour.” Your bridal party should be the persons who stand with you through thick and thin.  Particularly for the wedding, they’re your tribe to help you get things done, bring great energy to surround you on the day and not just there to look cute for the pictures.  We promise you having a huge bridal party and feeling you’re not getting support will be super frustrating.  Planning a wedding is stressful enough, choose your tribe wisely.


3. Booking a vendor because they’re a family friend…

.. or you have a previous relationship even though you are not 100% confident they can provide what they want.

We see this every often with photographers and caterers.  The question is firstly, “are they in this business or do they do it as a hobby”.  For photographers, the next question is, “do they cover weddings frequently”.  Wedding photography is not a point and shoot job and we promise you that it’s the thing you will have the biggest regret with if it’s not done properly.  Choose your vendors based on their portfolio of work, the “vibe”/energy you get from them when you meet/chat with them and of course their package. It’s a combination of factors. The family friend’s support is great if they’re a professional at it, if not, find another way for them to contribute – engagement shoot, family shoot, first Sunday lunch, engagement party.  There are no do overs for your wedding!


4. Guest list built on other people’s feelings. 

You’re finally getting married and everyone is excited and will like to come.  There’s one problem though, you don’t “really” want “everyone” there, possibly because you know the size of your guest list will affect your budget. You’re trying not to sacrifice your dream home plans for the dream wedding.  That’s not a bad thing.  Here’s a truth bomb: you’ll never be able to invite everyone, so just go ahead and cut the guest list. Brides of told us that their wedding has helped them to filter relationships on their life, and we get that! People show who they are and you better be paying attention.  You need to do what’s important and best for you and they should understand and support you in that. 


P.S. If you’re budget is infinite and you “really want everyone there” by all means- invite away! When you look at your guest list, ensure the sight of anyone’s name doesn’t make you think twice about having them there. 

5. Not knowing when to come off Pinterest! 

Yea, we will keep it light with this one. Pinterest is awesome and sucks you into an ideas vortex.  (happens to us too!). Pin away, divide your boards into the different areas so when you’re booking your vendors you can show them so they get an idea of your style and taste – florist, décor, dress, photography, even food displays;  BUT…once you have booked and confirmed your plans – stay off of Pinterest! LOL. Check that box off and move on, no new ideas to confuse you and your vendors!

Do you pinky promise to?  … ok yes, at least try.

We know we said 5 but we always like to give you more –

Photo by Adatto Weddings

6. Not booking a wedding coordinator.

So this does not really happen with our clients (obviously – they would have booked us..hehehe) but they may sometimes share that they were planning for – mommy, aunty, godmommy or cousin to be the person for the day.  Mommy needs to be there with you getting glammed up and taking pics and everyone else will want to be a part of the day enjoying it with you.  Not on site ensuring if the set up is going the way you want it to, or checking with the caterer to ensure the food is ready to serve, whilst the MC is trying to get their attention to know what he has to do. Budget for a coordinator, the same way you would for your MUA & Photographer – they all have one thing in common – they are there specifically for you to ensure you look and feel your best on one of the best days of your life. The coordinator is for your peace of mind, which any past bride will tell you is priceless!

OK. That’s it! Did any of these make you go “yessss”. Drop a comment for us below.

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