Why do small events?

Great rewards can come from small events.

We know you hear “host an event” and think a tonne of logistics and a big budget.  Here’s a fun fact: hosting 40 of the right people in the room can move your sales needle more than a 5 figure event sponsorship; and doesn’t require a lot.

Here’s why:

Targeted Information: 

Small events allow for a more focused delivery of information, ensuring that attendees receive relevant and valuable content that directly addresses their concerns or interests.

Intimate Conversations

Small events create an environment conducive to meaningful interactions, fostering deeper connections between attendees and facilitating more personal conversations.

Higher Lead Conversions: 

With a smaller, more targeted audience, it becomes easier to tailor your message to specific interests and needs, increasing the likelihood of converting leads into customers or clients.


Small businesses or large businesses can surely use small events to support their sales and marketing and success stories like this one always make us do a happy dance! #validation

If small events are not part of your strategy, this is your sign to consider including it. Here are some examples you can consider.

Workshops and Seminars: Educational sessions focused on a specific topic or skill.  They are often attended by a small group of participants for interactive learning. This is best for introducing a new product or service to a new or existing customer.

Networking Dinners: Intimate gatherings where professionals or like-minded individuals come together to build connections, exchange ideas, and explore potential collaborations. Need to reconnect with some of your past clients or forge new relationships for business? This is a perfect option

Mastermind Groups: Small events, exclusive gatherings of individuals with similar goals or interests. They are aimed at providing support, accountability, and brainstorming sessions to help each member achieve their objectives. This is suitable for internal/cross-functional teams for new projects or ideas. Can also be used to get feedback on a product or service before going public.

Product Launch Parties: small events held to unveil a new product or service to a select group of stakeholders.  They allow for personalized demonstrations, feedback gathering, and relationship building. Consider this for both internal teams (your first customers) and external stakeholders.

Need more examples?

Panel Discussions: Small events featuring a panel of experts or thought leaders discussing a particular topic or industry.  There are opportunities for audience interaction and Q&A sessions. Need to establish you or your company as the thought leader in an area? Is there a trending issue that you or your organisation can solve? Consider this option.

Focus Groups: Controlled discussions involving a small group of participants who provide feedback on products, services, or concepts. This helps businesses refine their offerings based on direct input. Can be used as an alternative to a mastermind group.

Roundtable Meetings: Informal gatherings where a small group of individuals engage in open discussions on specific issues.  Attendees share insights, perspectives, and best practices. Need a safe space where everyone can share their thoughts, and ideas towards coming up with a solution. These intimate and honest meetings can help.


If these sound amazing and you’re not sure how to get started with them, click below to schedule a call with us.  We’d love to support you. 

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