Big Wedding or Small Wedding?

Big Wedding or Small Wedding?

big or small wedding


Trying to decide between a big wedding or a small, intimate celebration? Find out the benefits of each one and decide which is right for you!

But first, what do we classify as a big vs small wedding? We do agree that size is relative but for us – anything between 20 to 50 is micro/small.  Over 100 we class as a larger wedding.

Now that numbers are out the way, let’s get into it. 


A big wedding is for you if. . .

1. You’ve got a lot of close family + friends

If you and your fiance have a ton of friends and family, a larger wedding is perfect! You can invite your relatives, colleagues and bosses, neighbours and other favourite people who you don’t see often. Use your wedding day as a happy occasion to reunite everyone for one memorable event so you can all spend quality time together. Also, larger weddings have the perk where you can invite all your distant relatives and friends and not worry about missing anyone out.

2. You want to publicly declare your love 

Your wedding day is all about LOVE and wouldn’t it be lovely to use this occasion to celebrate and share your love with the world? Reading your vows in front of your loved ones is a once-in-a-lifetime moment that you can share with your nearest and dearest. Having a big wedding allows you to share your joy with everyone you care about and build timeless memories. 

3. You want a big wedding! 

Guess what… if you really want a big wedding then that’s a great reason to have one! For couples who like to party and have a good time, definitely seize your wedding as the best occasion to go big with a fun reception. 


A small wedding is for you if. . .

  1. You prefer intimacy over being the centre of attention 

For introverts, having a micro wedding is a no-brainer. You can skip the part of standing in front of 100+ persons pronouncing your love and vows to your lifelong partner. Instead, opt for an intimate wedding and only invite a selective short list of close loved ones. 

  1. Privacy is a priority for you 

Weddings are so personal. They’re about love, vulnerability and heartfelt promises. Not everyone invited to a larger wedding may take this day personally as you and your inner circle. If you’re a private person, take the pressure off and go ahead with an intimate celebration. If not posting to social media posting is important to you, be sure to share this with your guests.

  1. Your wedding can be your own detailed creation

The great thing about smaller weddings is that they allow more options and flexibility when choosing venues, themes, reception ideas and just about every aspect of your special day. You don’t have to conform to traditional conventions (though we champion this for any size of wedding), you can truly spend time on the little details that will help tell your love story. The possibilities are endless. 

4. You’re on a limited budget

Weddings are expensive and we won’t try to convince you otherwise.  One major benefit of an intimate wedding is that it cost less! Less people = less decor, less food, less drinks – you get the idea. (Read more on our blog here on wedding costs in Trinidad and Tobago). If you have your eyes on other life goals like a home, or really awesome honeymoon – intimate wedding is your option. 

No matter the size you decide on, wedding planning and execution will be important.  It’s also very tiring and time-consuming regardless of the size. The question is, will it be your time and energy or that of a wedding professional?

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