Wedding Costs in Trinidad and Tobago unveiled

Wedding Costs in Trinidad and Tobago unveiled

He’s placed the ring on your finger and now you’re ready to start planning your wedding!

Your thought: what is the average cost of a wedding?

As you begin getting quotes to help you figure this out, the first thing vendors ask you is, “So, what is your budget?” You look at them wide-eyed and confused. 

I get it. How are you supposed to know your budget if you don’t know how much does a wedding cost?

Well, I’m here to unveil wedding cost in Trinidad and Tobago.

First, let’s be honest for a sec. When it comes to planning a wedding, there are a lot of pieces to the puzzle. Whether you’re that simple, no-fuss couple, or you want it all, here are some things to consider that impact how much your wedding will cost.

Guest Count

Now, let’s talk about that guest list. The number of persons you decide to invite impacts so much of your wedding, and ultimately your budget.

From the size of the venue, the catering, the bar, the decor, and the list goes on… I’ll be honest here and say that the smaller your list, the happier your bank account will probably be. Whilst you’re making that list and checking it twice, keep in mind that every guest is a cost factor.


The venue often accounts for a huge chunk of a wedding budget so choose wisely.

If you already have some places in mind, do site visits to check them out to ensure they can meet all your needs. Some venues across Trinidad & Tobago offer packages like a one-stop-shop to help you reduce wedding costs, but if you’re like us and into customisation then the stand alone option may be what you’re looking for.  In our blog here we share 5 tips in selecting your event venue

Here’s a pro-tip when it comes to venue costs. Be sure to read through your venue contract to ensure that there are no hidden fees and you’re clear on everything you’re paying for (cleaning, security, parking attendant, washroom attendant etc).

We’ve seen too many people get burned with this.

If you have need a few options check out our listing of venue options here to get you started. 

Average range: $8,000 – $35,000


Your decor can also be a big part of your wedding budget (but it doesn’t have to be). Your decor cost depends on a lot of factors like:

  • The venue you choose – Is it bland and needs a lot of decor to spruce it up? Or is it gorgeous all on its own?
  • The decorator/designer – Are they experienced or new to the game? Remember, you’ll be paying more for their skills and experience.
  • The scope – How much do you need the decorator to do? What elements do they have to include in their design? Do they need a large team to bring your vision to life – labour is a cost.
  • Setup/breakdown time – Do they have limited time at the venue? Will they need to hire more people to assist them with this?
  • The decor style- This might seem obvious but if you’re on a limited budget, you might not be able to get everything on your Pinterest board. Sorry! If you’re hoping for fresh flowers everywhere with extra lighting and special effects (cue the fog machine), keep in mind that these costs can add up quickly.
Sorry no range here as it depends on your guest count and your style.  We share tips with you here as to how to get your quotation. 

Food and Drinks

To put it simply, the more people you invite, the more people you have to feed. And the more people you have to feed, the more your wedding cost will go up. We know that might be a little harsh, but it’s the reality we face!

Think about the amount of food and drinks you’ll need, as well as the servers and bartenders that are part of the service. And don’t forget dessert!

What’s on your menu also determines how much your food bill adds to your overall wedding cost. If you want to serve the finest wine and caviar, by all means! But make sure you have the budget for it.

Average range for Food: $180 to $280 per person

Average range for Alcoholic bar: $115 to $180 per person
Note that these costs are subject to service charge and taxes. 

Photography & Videography

This is the one thing you should not compromise on with your wedding costs.  Make it a priority on your budget.  Why? This is an investment in you, your family and your time capsule for one of the biggest events of your life.  It is the ONLY thing that you can look back on to help reminisce on the memories of the first chapter of your life together. It’s what will help tell your story for generations to come. Do I need to go on? 

Research options, see who’s style you like, reach out to them to get their costing, do a consultation to get an idea of how they work and their vibe! This is important as they would be the ones in your space the most – from dressing to your party. You want good energy and a good vibe.  Once you book, do an engagement shoot with your photographer so you can get comfortable with them in front of the camera, especially if you’re a bit shy. 

Average range $16,000 – $35,000


From head to toe, we want you to stand out. Here’s what attire you should consider as you calculate wedding costs.

Brides, we’re talking veils, accessories, hair and makeup, your dress and shoes. Brides – schedule hair and make up trials to ensure the vision you have in your mind works. Pro tip: schedule this for a day when you are attending a similar event or your engagement shoot so you can see how it stands up with your activity.  Your stylist/MUA will then be able to make any adjustments as needed for the big day.

Grooms, think about your suit, shoes, accessories, and that fresh haircut.

If you haven’t gotten the wedding rings yet, this can fall into this category too.


While your big day is all about the two of you, we want to ensure that you celebrate love and keep your guests happy.

So, when it comes to entertaining your guests, you’ve got to factor in hiring a DJ and a host/master of ceremonies (unless you’re blessed with a funny relative that’s willing!) into your wedding costs. Plus, bonus entertainment like live performers or a photo booth if you want.

Other Wedding Costs

Some other things we suggest you keep in mind as you figure out how much your wedding might cost are:

  • Transport for both the bride and groom
  • Hotel rooms/accommodation for dressing
  • Invitations/Evites
  • Keepsakes/Tokens
  • Bridal Flowers – bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages
  • Wedding cake

Wedding Planner / Coordinator

And finally, a wedding cost breakdown wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t include a wedding planner or coordinator.

If you are tempted to DIY because you’re the organized, planner type, a wedding coordinator will help you ensure you have checked all your boxes and take control of the last few weeks and day of the wedding for you so you can focus on enjoying your day.  


If you’re not about the planning and the overwhelm that comes with planning, professional help from an experienced wedding planner will get everything done for you.  


Fun fact: you can actually save costs.

Yes, you read that right!

We help our couples save lots of money in the long run as we direct you to the best vendors to deliver what you want with what you have and find creative solutions to keep you within budget.


We also hold you accountable when you’re tempted to add “just one more thing” that will push the limits of your budget and keep you calm when the your family members are pushing your buttons. 

Keeping Wedding Costs Down

We know this may all seem a bit overwhelming, so here are a few tips to help manage your costs. Consider:


  • What you are able to spend on the wedding based on your finances available.  This would help guide vendor selections based on their pricing and what you prioritise. 
  • Non-traditional venues. Using less popular spaces can reduce costs significantly.
  • A smaller guest list. You can live stream your wedding to those not there in person.
  • Getting married on a weekday. Since this is a less popular option, vendors may offer discounted rates. Plus, fewer people are likely to be available during the week so this also helps keep numbers small.
  • Hiring a great wedding planner to find savings and keep you within budget.

Doing the planning yourself. We suggest you only do this if you’ve got a knack for strategic planning. But, please don’t be afraid to get some professional guidance or purchase resources to help along the way. We have a workbook to assist if you choose this option.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to planning a wedding in Trinidad & Tobago, we know it can feel like the costs are piling up quickly. So, here’s a bit of unpopular advice coming from an actual wedding planner: Remember there is life after a wedding. We don’t suggest you spend your entire life savings all on one day, especially since a mortgage and children are expensive!

There you have it- your wedding costs unveiled! Did you think we were going to give you an exact number for how much your wedding will cost? We really wish we could but it depends on your style, preferences and numbers. 

Need more help finalizing your wedding costs and staying on track? Check out our Wedding Planning Guide. It includes our wedding budget template and a lot more to help you navigate this planning season or book a one-on-one session with us and let’s get you off on the right track with guidance and resources to help.

Happy Planning! 

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